The Cooll SuperHybrid is the energy-efficient and affordable heating solution for existing and new homes


The Cooll SuperHybrid is the one-to-one replacement for the condensing boiler in existing homes and can be combined with both high- and low-temperature heating and does not have a separate outdoor unit. The heat pump is powered by gas or hydrogen and extracts heat from the outside air, saving 30 to 50% on gas and reducing CO2 emissions by 30 to 50%. Typical of Cooll is that this is done without any increase in electricity consumption.


Dutch government boosts Coolls ambitions

On Tuesday 17 May, the Dutch government announced that from 2026, when central heating systems must be replaced, people will have to switch to a more sustainable alternative.

We believe this is good news for the energy transition because it is a short-term call for action.

The benefits

30-50% reduction of energy and emissions

Compared to traditional gas-fired heating technologies.

Perfect replacement for existing high-efficiency boilers

Suitable for placement in existing and new construction houses

Applicable with new green energy carriers

Prepared for use with biogas, LNG and hydrogen..


Cooll’s SuperHybrid has a similar continuous cycle to a standard electric heat pump. However, compression of the refrigerant now takes place with a heat-driven adsorption compressor instead of an electro-mechanical compressor. The required heat comes from a burner.