Cooll SyperHybrid soon suitable for 100% hydrogen

Cooll is currently working hard on the development of its 100% hydrogen SuperHybrid. Currently, two of our SuperHybrids are already operating successfully on a mix of hydrogen and natural gas in the unique GROHW project in Deventer (Netherlands).

Dutch government boosts Coolls ambitions

On Tuesday 17 May, the Dutch government announced that from 2026, when central heating systems must be replaced, people will have to switch to a more sustainable alternative.

We believe this is good news for the energy transition because it is a short-term call for action.

‘One in five homeowners cannot afford sustainability’

Cooll: 'Everyone should be able to participate in making their home more sustainable'

One in five homeowners cannot afford to make their home more sustainable. This is evident from a detailed analysis by the DNB published this week. Various news sources such as Dagblad Trouw report that the group of homeowners with a relatively low income and who live in poorly insulated houses are hit hardest by the high energy prices.

We have an anniversary celebration at Cooll!

This week there was a party at Cooll, our colleague Bart Custers had been with us for 10 years. We put him in the spotlight and thanked him for his efforts over the past 10 years, in which we have taken major steps together in the development of the successor to the high-efficiency boiler.

Press release: Van Dorp invests in Cooll’s heat pump technology

The Van Dorp Groep invests in Cooll's heat pump technology; a compact adsorption heat pump that can replace the current HR boiler, without requiring major adjustments. The investment is part of a financing round that should lead to upscaling and a large-scale global market introduction. Van Dorp and Cooll are also entering into a long-term partnership. For example, Van Dorp will install the first series of heat pumps in 50 homes.