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Our adventure

Our adventure started in 2003 from the University of Twente, with the preparation of a space mission for ESA: develop a vibration-free cooler for -270 ºC without maintenance and moving parts. The resulting technology forms the basis of our heat pump. That is why we’re called Cooll.


In 2008 we started research into sustainable heating and cooling based on adsorption technology. This research showed that the cooling application is technically difficult because it is an application for foreign markets, but that the heating application is very interesting. In 2009 Johannes Burger, Stefan van Uffelen and Robert Jan Meijer founded Cooll.


The first working system was built in 2011, which does not yet achieve the ultimate desired temperatures and power but demonstrates the principle.

The activated carbon was developed in collaboration with a development partner in the USA. In 2016, we bought a fully equipped factory, including patents, in Texas and transported it to the Netherlands, where we then rebuilt it.

The first wall-mounted model was developed in 2018. This set-up has now heated our office building for two winters. Parallel to this, we worked on the tooling to be able to produce the heat pumps.

We also have an extensive programme to demonstrate the lifespan of the components, carried out in collaboration with partners such as Fraunhofer and Holland Innovative.

Product development of the first product started in 2020 and the team expanded considerably.

In the winter of 2020-2021, we heated a house in Uden for the first time with a stand-alone set-up, including measuring equipment and safety systems.
The Cooll team is currently working on the version of the heat pump that will soon be introduced on the market. This will be tested in larger quantities in homes.