Cooll develops an innovative energy and CO2-saving adsorption heat pump technology. It is a thermally driven technology that can be used, for example, in situations where electric heat pumps do not perform very well in terms of CO2-savings. It is a generic conversion technology that can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions for heating by 30 – 50%. The technology uses the combustion heat from fossil or renewable fuels in a smarter way than in traditional heating systems. Cooll is working with partners on a first application as gas-fired heat pump, which can become a successor of the condensing boiler in existing buildings.

The technology is also suitable for cooling applications. Refrigeration and air conditioning is globally responsible for at least 10% of the electricity consumption and thus contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. The market for climatisation is growing continuously so this percentage will only increase. Cooling systems consume mostly scarce and therefore expensive electricity during peak hours. In this respect it is interesting that in many places on earth the cooling demand is approximately proportional to the local solar radiation. A sun-powered cooling system is, therefore, a logical concept. The heat pump of Cooll can be driven by heat from relatively simple and low-cost solar collectors, it is a thermally driven cooler. Alternatively, also waste heat can be used, for instance from (small) power plants. The system can be applied in mild climates such as the Netherlands. Of course, application is even more effective in hot climates with large solar radiation and cooling demands. Also for developing countries it is an ideal solution to climatize, for instance, remote hospitals.

The team of Cooll also performs project-based R&D activities for the high-tech space industry, particularly in the field of thermally driven cryogenic refrigeration. Such coolers are used for the vibration-free cooling to very low temperatures of infrared detectors and other high-tech electronics.

About Cooll
Cooll is an innovative spin-off company of the University of Twente, based in Enschede, the Netherlands. Cooll was founded in 2009. Initiator Johannes Burger has worked since the mid 90s on innovative cooling and heat pump systems, among others in projects for the European Space Agency. Co-initiator Stefan van Uffelen also works for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and was until 2014 director of the Dutch Green Building Council, a successful initiative for the preservation of the built environment. Other members of the development team are: Robert Jan Meijer, Bart Custers, Wietse Offringa, Anton Verbeek, Marco Stempher, Erwin Hondebrink and Martijn Al.

Cooll works closely together with a large number of international high-tech companies and universities. The business development is supported by a network of professionals around the team of Cooll.


We have a vacancy for a MBO/HBO Engineer.

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