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Energy labelling performance measurements Fraunhofer ISE

Energy labelling performance measurements Fraunhofer ISE

LTR: Christoph (Fraunhofer), Urs (Fraunhofer), Eva (Cooll), Johannes (Cooll).

In March 2024 Cooll travelled to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg. Here, the thermally driven heat pump technology was tested on performance to determine the energy label for the CE certification.

For Cooll this was the third visit of the institute for performance measurements. The measurement series was done according to the EN 12309 adsorption heat pump norm. The technology was tested from –10 up to 12 Cº outside air temperature under stable operation. In these tests the adsorption heat pump showed that it could save up to 25% of gas for the high temperature supply line, which is representative for the heating circuits in Dutch homes. The measured seasonal primary energy ratio (SPER) is 1,18. This means that our technology has energy label A+. The measurement data is used for data analysis and optimization to an efficiency step of >30% gas savings.